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These masks were made with dancers and dance teachers in mind. Regular cotton masks tend to generate more heat with movement and when vocalizing. These masks were created using double layered Lycra fabric to accommodate the heat and provide a breathable material for your athletic needs. It is reversible with the logo on one side and either a solid colour or signature pattern on the reverse. This mask features a moldable metal bar inserted into the nose section for a better fit and thin elastics to wrap around your ears comfortably. See the size chart to choose the perfect option for you.  

Masks For Dancers (3-Pack Bundle)

Colour Combination
  • Machine wash in cold water.

    Hang to dry.

    Please try not to bend the nose piece excessively to prevent any possible damage.

  • Emilina face masks are washable everyday face masks made specifically with dancers and dance teachers in mind. These masks are layered enough that you cannot blow out a flame while wearing, which demonstrates the protection that they provide on a day to day basis. Each mask order comes with an information sheet on proper use and care of your mask.

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