Emilina is a dance wear and costume design company creating custom pieces for the unique dancer.


We are based in Whitby, ON accepting clients within the GTA. Emilina pieces are crafted to showcase the dancer's individuality through the details in the garments that make each student stand out in class and on stage.
Through Emilina, we strive to make every dancer feel comfortable, confident, and excited to dance through the attire they chose to wear. 

Why Choose Emilina?

Emily's level of training with her Bachelor of Design from the Fashion Design Program at Ryerson University brings professional quality to her dance wear and costumes. As an experienced dancer and teacher in the industry,  Emily understands how to construct costumes that will fit and work with the dancer. 


Emily's Story

Emily Paulic is the owner and designer of Emilina. She is a long time dancer and young choreographer, who took her love and passion for  dance to create costumes that work for dancers. This passion carried her all the way through her degree in fashion design which today, embeds a high quality and standard to her work. 

As a teenager Emily's participation in youth choreography opportunities sparked her interest in design and creating concepts using all aspects of the performance to make her ideas come to life on stage. After learning sewing basics from her mother, fashion classes, and local sewing lessons, Emily began volunteering with Patti Charbonneau, an industry professional in dance costumes and tutu making. Through this opportunity, Emily was able to further her knowledge of both sewing dance costumes and how to work in the industry. Emily continued to make many of her own costumes and dance wear, as well as for her fellow dance friends and industry colleagues. From these creative processes, Emily gained first hand experience of how her garments worked on the moving body and what was needed to improve the fit and functionality of her costumes. 

Today, her Bachelor of Design Degree from the Fashion Design Program at Ryerson University, and diverse work experience have helped develop her quality and business expertise in this industry. As a dance teacher, Emily enjoys the creativity of designing costumes from her own visions as well as collaborating with both dancers and other teachers to create costumes that stand out on stage.